Agora connects the entire data value chain, protecting identities and sensitive information at every step. Decoupling privacy from health data, Agora makes health information better, cheaper and more accessible while redistributing its value to those who create it.


For the people

Agora allows you to choose who can access your health information, for what reason, for how long and at the price you decide without revealing anything about you. As your data stays encrypted in your phone or personal drive, Agora shares only statistical insights that are protected so that your identity and personal information remain private. You can donate it to support life-saving medical research or earn from it. It's yours and only you control it.

Agora app

Connect your hospital records and your AppleHealthKit or GoogleHealth apps, setting your permissions and share only what you want, then start earning each time your data is used to improve health all over the world.

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Put your data to work

You can allow researchers to use your data for life-saving medical discoveries or earn from it as companies draw secure, privacy-guaranteed statistics to create new drugs or test artificial intelligence that helps doctors make better diagnoses while revealing nothing about you.

For data owners

Most "anonymized" data do not meet privacy standards. For data owners this means ethical and reputational risk. Not with Agora. We keep your data under your control and encrypted behind your firewalls. Agora's dynamic permissioning lets you decide who can use your data, for how long, for what uses, and at what cost. While you power biomedical innovation and allow paid-for computations on your data, their value flows right back to you in real time.

Choose what to share and learn from others' data

Distributed computations under secret-sharing protocols produce aggregated statistics which do not reveal what’s in your data. Whether it's assessing quality of care against your networks' benchmarks or studying the patient journey, you can acquire the full picture from distributed, secure analytics.

Decouple privacy and join the data economy

Agora protects personal information starting with the input, raw data that stays locally encrypted, down to the outputs which are protected with differential privacy. DP quantifies privacy risks, so that you know and decide what can be learned by those who use your data. Agora tracks each computation so that you can manage "privacy budgets" for each record in your databases. This lowers administrative costs, making data monetization both safe and scalable.

Collaborative, data-driven innovation

Now you can work directly with those who need your data to test new drugs, validate medical AI, or make healthcare more efficient through data-driven partnerships that you control. Thanks to Agora's communication and business intelligence tools you can now understand how your data are used, learn what the health industry needs and become a driver of innovation.

For life sciences, payers and health companies

High quality data to power your business is siloed across systems, expensive and seldom up to date. Agora's distributed, privacy-guaranteed computations allow you to tap into live institutional and mobile data sources in minutes. Agora links them across systems, life and medical journeys. This gives you the longitudinal view on clinical outcomes, patient experiences, quality and cost of health services whether your're monitoring products on the market, developing medical AI, or improving the delivery of care.

Low-cost, high-quality data at your fingertips

Agora gives you access to the data you need in minutes. Dynamic permissioning and access control lets you see right away what data you can use, for what purpose and at what cost for rapid, low costs data sourcing. Distributed, secure, and private computations then let you assess the quality and value of data, pick what you need and pay only for what you use.

Real world data

Agora links personal apps and hospital records for longitudinal, real world studies without overhead, risks and constraints of privacy and security. Thanks to Agora collaborative environment, you can work with data owners and even patients to bring the information you need into your business.

How it works

Data access control

Agora's blockchain allows organizations to set legally binding data access parameters controlling the use of each of their data assets by third parties.

Protecting data, computations and outputs

Data stay where they are, encrypted inside personal apps or institutional firewalls. Allowable privacy exposure is decided upfront by data owners and quantified thanks to differential privacy. For every computation, tracked by the blockchain, the risk is updated, and controlled.

Integrated analysis

Agora's computations (SMPC) are distributed across data sources standardized with FHIR, OMOP, DICOM and controlled by secret sharing protocols. Whether to validate new AI or assess population risk, the breath and distribution of Agora's data sources provide a new level of statistical robustness.


The Agora token powers the pay-for-computation system. Tokens are convertible in fiat or stable coins and allow data owners to be paid in real time for every computation while users pay only for what they get from the data.

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Co-founder, CEO

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Privacy and big data

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Distributed systems

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Full stack and privacy


Health data

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EMR data

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