The cost of privacy protection keeps disrupting budgets and delaying research and innovation while commonly used "anonymization", "tokenization" or "de-identification", do not meet modern identity protection standards.

Agora revolutionizes the health data ecosystem by solving privacy and cutting the costs of privacy protection, so that the value of data is unleashed at a global level.

Agora mathematically guarantees compliance above and beyond HIPAA and GDPR requirements by leaving data inside institutional firewalls and mobile devices. As encrypted computations deliver insights, sensitive information remains in the hands of its owners.


For data owners

Agora provides business intelligence tools that allow data owners to become a driver of biomedical innovation through paid computations on their data, while the data remains encrypted behind the firewalls. The reduction of administrative costs through better risk management using ‘privacy budgets’ makes data monetization both safe and scalable.

Data remains local - under control of owner

Agora runs analytics on local and encrypted data. Distributed, non-proprietary storage reduces privacy and security risks while owners retain full control of their data. The users can decide who can compute on the data, what are the allowable use-cases and what is the price for each data asset. These permissions can be changed at any point.

Privacy-guaranteed computing at global scale 

Privacy enhanced computing mathematically guarantees true anonymity. This would permit data sharing between partners with no compliance risks, expanding opportunities for Research & Development collaborations in different areas such as biomarkers discovery or quality-of-care studies. Patent pending cryptography powers analytics protected by Secure Multiparty Computation and Differential Privacy techniques supported by a block-chain authentication.

Multiply the value of data

Agora’s guaranteed ethical and legal compliance enables data sharing across borders, leveraging it at a global scale, thereby boosting the return on investment for organizations creating the data assets.

For life sciences, payers and health companies

High quality data to power your business is siloed across systems, which are expensive to maintain and seldom up to date. Agora's distributed, privacy-guaranteed computations allow you to tap into live institutional and mobile data sources in minutes. Agora seamlessly links the data across systems from multiple organizations, giving you a longitudinal view on information such as clinical outcomes, patient experience, quality of care and treatment costs. The result is accelerated product development, easier monitoring of products in market, leading to improved care delivery.

Low-cost, data when you need them 

Agora gives you access to the data you need in minutes. The dynamic permissions and access control ease the task of identifying the data that is available for use for your chosen purpose at an acceptable cost. Distributed and secure computations work to deliver the insights you need, which you pay for on a ‘Query as a Service’ basis.

Real world data fingertips

By tapping into live, locally stored data, Agora gives you the most up to date picture of your target populations, simultaneously sourcing the information from EMRs, disease registries and mobile devices. The solution privately connects records across systems and episodes of care, making it easier to put Real World Evidence into use during clinical trials and post-market studies.

How it works

Data access control

Agora's blockchain allows organizations to set legally binding data access parameters controlling the use of each of their data assets by third parties.

Protecting data, computations and outputs

Data stay where they are, encrypted inside personal apps or institutional firewalls. Allowable privacy exposure is decided upfront by data owners and quantified thanks to differential privacy. For every computation, tracked by the blockchain, the risk is updated, and controlled.

Integrated analysis

Agora's computations (SMPC) are distributed across data sources standardized with FHIR, OMOP, DICOM and controlled by secret sharing protocols. Whether to validate new AI or assess population risk, the breath and distribution of Agora's data sources provide a new level of statistical robustness.


The Agora token powers the pay-for-computation system. Tokens are convertible in fiat or stable coins and allow data owners to be paid in real time for every computation while users pay only for what they get from the data.

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Privacy and big data

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Distributed systems

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